Tips N Tricks: London

These are tips and tricks for London, it doesn’t matter what year or time.

  1. Get an Oyster Card: To get around London do not take a cab because it will take too long to get to your destination. There is too much traffic almost every single day. The tube is hot though, but you will get where you’re going quickly.
  2. Drink lots of water before going in the subway: It is so hot down there and you may be trying to get to your destination fast.
  3. Stand to the right on the escalator: STAND to the right on the escalator, but if you want to walk, stay in pace with the traffic on the left.
  4. Download Tube Map App or Use Google Maps: It’s really easy to get around the city, no need to ask when the train is coming or the next bus, because apps will do it for you.
  5. Check the crosswalk before crossing the street: One of the nice things about London is that the ground will tell you which way to look before crossing the street. It will either say “Look Right” or “Look Left”, this way you won’t die while walking across the street.
  6. Make Reservations Before Getting to London: You never know when it may be prime traveling season to London, so making reservations at your first choice restaurant or getting a ticket to ride the London Eye before you get there may be the best option. You don’t want to get to London and not have your dream meal.
  7. Call your Cell Phone Company and Inquire if you have an International Phone Option in your plan: My friend thought the best idea was to get a sim card for her phone, but I do not recommend this. I could never call her because she had a new phone number every single day. We went to Primark and split up and I couldn’t call her to let her know where I was because her phone number changed while we were out.
  8. Tipping is Not Required: It’s not required, but I like letting them know that their service was so nice.
  9. London is very Wheelchair Accessible: The cabs have large backseat area, I’m not exaggerating, my friend and I joked about inviting three more people to sit on the floor in front of us.
  10. Stop at Sainsbury’s for Treats for your AirBnb: My friend and I decided that one night we would sit in our flat and watch some BBC and relax with some snacks. By going to Sainsbury’s we were able to have a small amount of snacks and even get some quick breakfast foods for the next day. Another tip: Get a bottle of wine for the next people who stay at the flat or a bottle of wine for your gracious host with a sweet note.

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