Tips N Tricks: Saving for your Vacation

Everyone wants to go on vacation, but so many make the excuse that they don’t have enough money to do so. In my opinion, everyone should have the opportunity to experience what the world has to offer. Life is a waste when you don’t know what’s around you, so much can make your life better; a stroopwafle in Amsterdam or the warm, blue water in Jamaica. I have a few easy tips I have given a few people that could help you save for your next adventure.

  • Saving Challenge: We are so accustomed to “challenges”, but have you ever given yourself a secret challenge that no one else knows about? One of my favorite challenges are paycheck challenges. If you get your paycheck every week put $20 to the side or in you savings account. If you have a bi-weekly paycheck save $40 every two weeks. Let me give you an example, you put $20 to the side every week for a year could get you almost $1,000. Do you know where you can go for $1000? You can buy a round-trip ticket for $1000!
  • Open an Extra Bank Account: Opening an extra bank account sounds like a no-brainer, but it can also be enticing to withdraw from when you put money in it. One way to only keep credits (putting money in) in your account is by not requesting a debit or ATM card for your account. Yes, there are some moments where the card is already requested, but this gives you the opportunity to CUT THAT CARD UP! Having regular access to your extra account makes the account useless. Get an extra account and make sure it’s a pain in the butt to access it.
  • Use a Travel Agent: I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I pay someone to do something I can do myself?” Well, there are reason you would use a travel agent, for their expertise would be one, but the biggest reason is that they can give you a payment plan of sorts. Instead of you paying for everything upfront, the travel agent gives you time to pay and they also may give you a better rate because they are doing all of the research work. I should know, I work for a travel agent!

I didn’t want to bog you down with those usual ways to save; curb your online shopping, no more takeout, and write a list of all of your expenses. These are things you already know, they may not work for you, so I thought I should give you only three new ideas that I find easier to do. Oh yeah, also if you open a new account with a different financial institution, you may get a bonus offer for free cash, so take full advantage of that offer so you can get a little extra money.

“ Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee

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