Dream Mother’s Day Trip Gift

We all wouldn’t be here without a strong woman. Every year, men always complain about the effort we put into Mother’s Day, but we always try to show our complete appreciation for everything mothers do. The one thing I have always dreamt of doing was fund my mother’s dream vacations. My mother was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, I wish I had enough money to let her see the world as much as she wants. This is just a dream right now, but maybe I can make it come true one day. Here’s a short list of all of the places I have always wanted to take my mother and the reasons why. Maybe this will give you an idea of what you have always wanted to give your mom or moms.

  1. Paris: My mother has always told me that she’s wanted to see Paris, the Eiffel Tower. She used to reference the French fashion and their amazing culture. I hope to take her there one day.
  2. Amsterdam: Everyone always talks about the legal use of marijuana and the redlight district, but not a lot of people talk about the art and the amazing family friendly atmosphere. My mother has never talked about Amsterdam, but I know she would love the size of the city, the laidback feel and the clean streets.
  3. Honolulu: My mother tells me almost every year that she wants to move to Hawaii, but she has never seen it. I would love it if she could take in the culture of Hawaii and the nature. I want her to sit on the beach and contemplate what she wants to do next.
  4. London: London has a specific space in our hearts, because of the BBC. I remember watching Are You Being Served?, Absolutely Fabulous, As Time Goes By, and Keeping Up Appearances with my mom and I still watch them to this day. We loved to reference all of the shops and products they always talked about. I want her to see what I got to see. I want her to feel what I felt when I got to London. I know she will feel like she’s at home.
  5. Nairobi: Although we don’t know if our ancestors are from Kenya, I would love it if she could see Africa once and I think Nairobi would be the place to go.
  6. Dubai: Not too much to say about this, I just want her to experience the good life.
  7. Tokyo: She has said she wants to visit Tokyo. I want to take her to Asia, at least once. I want to take her to a place that is so different from our own.
  8. Cancun: When I was in high school, my mother would listen to Spanish Learning CDs where the people sang basic words and phrases. No, she does not know Spanish, but I want to take her so she can tell people “Look at the colors of my life.” in Spanish.

This is just a short list, but I hope one day I can take her to these places. I hope one day I can give her back the happiness she has given me all these years. I love you mommy!

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