Cannabis Friendly Travel 2019

I wanted to make a post about cannabis friendly travel for 2019, laws change so often that maybe next year Beijing could have MARIJUANA-PALOOZA, but not right now. If you love to participate in some 420 fun or you’re just looking to experiment in marijuana for medicinal purposes, these are the places to go.

  • Los Angeles, California. Everyone in America knows that Los Angeles is the place to go for legal marijuana usage. Nevertheless, there are specific stipulations around the usage of legal marijuana in the state, I recommend looking over information on California Cannabis Portal. Other than the laws and regulations, there are specific places you can buy marijuana, DON’T BUY IT OFF THE STREETS! When you buy marijuana off of the streets, you don’t know what you are getting, it may not be pure and it may be laced with another drug. So you know where to go, I have attached a website with a Dispensary Map of medicinal and recreational dispensaries. Another fun thing is that you can have marijuana delivered, as long as it’s licensed and the delivery is within California.
  • Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen. There’s a lot to say about Freetown, specifically Pusher Street. Although, at some point, the weed stalls were torn down by Christiania citizens, weed is still very much prevalent and sold out in the open. Not only is it a fun place to buy weed, it’s a very different place, too. It’s easily accessible by public transportation, don’t waste time renting a car you can’t drive it there. Freetown is an old military base with under 1000 residents with their own rules and laws. Nevertheless, Freetown does beat at its’ own drum, but marijuana is illegal in Denmark, as I said before, you can still see it being sold.
  • Montevideo, Uruguay. First things first, if you are not a citizen of Uruguay, you CANNOT but marijuana. That being said, you can be offered marijuana, Uruguayans are very friendly and they are cool with OFFERING their weed. Again, buying is illegal, if they offer to sell you marijuana you need to say NO. Nevertheless, HAPPY TOKING WITH NEW FRIENDS!
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Everyone knows that Mary Jane is legal to purchase in Amsterdam, but you can’t just walk around the streets lighting up and getting faded. It’s frowned upon to sit in the middle of the streets and smoke, but again you buy it in the coffehouse and smoke it there or take it back to your hotel or rental (if it’s 420 friendly) and relax in peace. I will also recommend a website below that you should check out for your 420 accommodations.
  • Negril, Jamaica. White sands, blue water, jerk chicken, good music, and WEED! Do I really have to say more? This is what Jamaica is known for. If you have ever heard, “Don’t worry about a thing. ‘Cause every little thing will be alright” and not thought about lying on the sand with a beautifully wrapped blunt, you don’t know what life is.
  • Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s hard to explain the state of marijuana in Tel Aviv, but I would probably use the same rules that you should use in Uruguay. Tel Aviv is number one in marijuana research and it’s legal to use prescribed medical marijuana, you can be prescribed it while in Tel Aviv, but you should only use it in private and not in public areas.
  • Portland, Oregon. If you want to go somewhere that lets you smoke and have fun doing it and gives you amazing nightlife and daylife, look no further because Portland is waiting for you. I always say that you should educate yourself before you travel to a place you have never been, so I would recommend that you check out What’s Legal Oregon, it outlines what rules you should follow before you get your 420 on.

Number one thing you should do before you light up in these places, please do your research and check the laws and regulations for visitors. As I said before, marijuana laws change so often and you never know what may have changed in your favorite 420 destination. So if you are looking for a place to stay that will allow marijuana usage, try using Bud & Breakfast, like AirBnb, but you can toke confidently. Have fun and toke on! It’s always 4:20 somewhere.

“I’m never really at zero” – Seth Rogen

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