Paying for Travel on a Bare Bones Budget

Travel always seems like something that isn’t in the average person’s budget, but every person deserves travel. How do you pay for travel when you working paycheck to paycheck and savings are virtually impossible? Everyone can tell you to save your money, but a lot of people don’t understand what your expenses are, how far your paycheck can go, or where your expenses go. For example, I remember, a few years ago, I was working at a job that paid me $1,000 bi-weekly, but I had a 1 year old that had to go to daycare and daycare costed $937 every two weeks, I didn’t have enough to save for a rainy day or even for luxuries. Now let’s add in the expenses like new shoes for the winter and a new coat, utility bills (that piled up), and groceries. How much of my check was left? I’m pretty sure my check is in the negatives. As a result, I learned unconventional ways to save for certain things I wanted and needed. If you haven’t realized already, I attach links to the topics so you can find them easier, I may have a partnership with them and some I don’t, just wanted to let you know. Nevertheless, if I do have a partnership with them, it is because I believe in them and I am seeking them out myself to see if I can give my readers a better deal.

  • Ebates. If you haven’t heard about them already, you may have been living under a rock. Also, if you have been living under a rock, please tell me how. If you don’t know about Ebates, I will give you a little explanation. Ebates is a website where you can save money by using it as a middle man of sorts. Let’s say you’re looking to find a rental car, you can search rental car on Ebates and get an option of Alamo Rent-a-Car and if you get a rental after you are redirected from Ebates then you can get 2.5% cash back or more. When you rack up so much cash back they send you a check in the mail. Guess what, when you get that check, you can put it away for you next trip. There are so many stores on Ebates, whenever I had to buy my son new clothes, I would go through Ebates and get a nice amount of cash back for my purchase, don’t let your purchase go to waste.
  • Airline Loyalty Programs. One of the things people don’t realize is that many airlines have loyalty programs that are free to signup for. Also with these programs you can get miles by booking flights and by shopping with their partners. For example, Delta’s SkyMiles lets you use SkyMiles Shopping and SkyMiles Dining to earn more miles. As a result, the same thing you would do with Ebates, you can do it with Delta. However, most of the airlines don’t have the same amount of options as Ebates (just wanted to tell you that).
Yes, they are partnered with Lyft!
  • ThredUp. This is a website I love! This website lets you sell your old clothes, your boyfriend’s old clothes and you children’s old clothes. The payout depends on the listing price, so if your old Gap polo shirt is selling for $15 you can get about 10% back from that sell. The other great part about this website is that you can also request a donation bag, I requested a donation bag to help out mothers, so I put some of my son’s old clothes and some nice dresses and high heels and purses. You can make extra money for your next trip and you can help other people out in return.
  • Acorns. I remember finding out about this app a few years ago and saving almost over $150 in spare change from my purchases on my debit card. The other cool thing is that you can invest in stocks on this app with your spare change. If you thought you couldn’t save and you thought you couldn’t invest in stocks because you aren’t a billionaire, this app flips your thought on money on it’s head.
Starbucks is already very expensive, why not save up some change from your cup of coffee.

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