Gifts to Give an Avid Traveler and a Novice Traveler

One thing all of my friends know about me is that I love giving gifts, it doesn’t matter if there’s an occasion or if I just see something that I think they will like. My favorite types of gifts are travel gifts, it’s a bit more sentimental because they will usually use it whenever they travel. A travel journal is nice, but if people are like me, they don’t stop and write down what they’ve been doing all day. I’ll give you a list of things that are great ideas you should note for your next gift. These can be given to someone who loves to travel and someone who would love to travel.

  • Solar Powered External Battery. I love external batteries and I love solar powered accessories even more. Sometimes you don’t have time to find a power source or you may not be near one. If you are a traveler who loves outdoor adventures, I’m pretty sure an outlet is not nearby. When you are on your trip or getting ready to leave, just put your external battery next to the window and let it charge.
  • 3 Piece Hardshell Luggage Set. For someone who wants to start traveling, a luggage set could be a great gift. Luggage is a bit expensive, but a set is awesome! One thing I love to do is bring a small carryon bag and buy a larger piece of luggage for any bobbles and gifts I want to bring home. With a luggage set they won’t have to spend money on extra luggage, they can check their empty luggage and fill it up when they get to their destination.
  • Personalized Passport Holder or Luggage Tag. This is my go-to gift for all of my girlfriends, I love giving them something personalized. When the recipient receives the gift it looks as if you put more thought into it. The personalized aspect makes their belongings standout from the crowd. Did your friend misplace their passport at a restaurant? Oh wait, they can see it from where they are standing because it says their name. (Tip: don’t leave your passport).
  • AirBnb Gift Card. I love AirBnb and if you are a novice or avid traveler, who wouldn’t want extra money to pay for a place to stay for your next trip? I know some people think that gift cards are a cold and unthoughtful gift, but when it’s a gift of a place to stay, that’s a lot of thought put into a gift.
  • Travelon Anti-Theft Purse. These aren’t the cutest purses, but you aren’t looking for the cutest purses when you’re traveling, you want the best to hold your valuables. Travelon has anti-theft purses with anti-slash fabric and a handy clip to keep people out of your purse. I used one on my last trip and it worked very well, I don’t know if anyone was trying to pickpocket me, but I know I had all of my belongings every night.

Start giving some meaningful travel gifts to your friends and family. If there are some products you want me to review, let me know and I can give you my honest opinion. Don’t be surprised if I pick a subscriber for a random giveaway.

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