Top 6 Places for Destination Weddings

A wedding is one of the biggest occasions in a person’s life. Not only is it something for them to remember for the rest of their lives, they also have to make sure their guests are amazed and entertained by their taste as a couple. One of the most popular wedding options have to be destination weddings. Destination weddings aren’t in everyone’s budget, but you can’t stop a girl from dreaming. There are certain places that are popular destination wedding spots, but before I get to the list, I want to tell you about one of the most cost friendly destination wedding resorts and it may be in most of the locations on this list. Sandals Resorts will give you a free wedding, as long as you have at least a 3 night stay at the resort for your honeymoon. That doesn’t sound bad at all. I know you are asking, what comes with this free wedding? The free wedding comes with a ceremony in any location at the resort (there are many beautiful choices)or a $500 credit to customize it any way you want, a reception or the $500 option, personal wedding planning team, marriage document preparation, manicure for the bride, a 30 minute foot massage, a signature cocktail made just for your ceremony, romantic turn down service, complimentary 5×7 wedding photo, a honeymoon dinner, and a cute little garment bag. Tell me that’s not a lot more than you expected from a free wedding with your stay. Back to the destination wedding list!

  • Mexico. The country has so much beauty and culture. I will leave out the stuff that’s going on here in the States with the wall and everything else (*coughs twice* it’s stupid), but I digress. The Mexican culture pulls everyone in, from its amazing food to the nightlife. If you live in the US, then it isn’t a long flight and you won’t go broke trying to impress your sorority sister who had her wedding in Florida. The best time of year to go to Mexico would be February or March, this is way before hurricane season and rainfall will be at a minimum between 1.3-2.3 inches. There are so many options for venues, there are sweet little chapels, private villas, hotels and resorts, and cenotes (my favorite). A cenote wedding is for the couple who wants to be close to nature, it’s a more spiritual wedding that brings you closer to your surroundings.
  • Jamaica. Jamaica has been a hotspot for destination weddings, which means they know what they are doing. There are options for all of the unique things a couple may have in mind. Does the bride want to walk down the aisle barefoot looking like a beachy goddess? Done. Do the bride and groom want to say their I Dos treetop? Done. Is the bride demanding an eco-friendly wedding? Done and done. Jamaica has been doing destination weddings for so long that if you want something they can make it happen. The best times to go are between December to mid-April, after that is the rainier season.
  • Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is one of those places that is off of many people’s radar. If you go to the “DR” during a lightest part of the travel season, you could get a great bargain. Also, keep in mind that hurricane season is between June through November, so try and plan your wedding far from these months. Nevertheless, the best times to get married in the DR are March-May, the weather is amazing and you won’t risk being in a major storm. The only thing you may want to keep in mind are the fact that spring breakers are very relevant during these months, try and find a venue or resort where they don’t allow adults under 21 years old or younger to stay at the hotel without an adult. Yes, many luxury resorts have this rule, no reputable resort wants their rooms trashed by irresponsible young adults. Keep the Dominican Republic in mind when you’re planning your wedding.
Dominican Republic
  • The Bahamas. I remember my first international trip, Nassau in the Bahamas. It’s such a beautiful place, you know your wedding photos will be gorgeous. However, the Bahamas are not like Jamaica, they have many destination weddings, but not everything is available when you want it. This is when Sandals comes in handy, you get that awesome honeymoon package free and you stay at a very nice resort for your honeymoon. Hurricane season lasts from July to October, but the best time to travel is November to mid-April.
The Bahamas (that’s Atlantis in the background)
  • Aruba. Perfection is the keyword for Aruba. Out all of these locations, this is the only one I can say has all year round perfect weather. This makes Aruba a worry-free destination for a bride. She won’t have to worry about rain or even safety on the island. Aruba has been voted lowest in crime rate in the Caribbean. Aruba means no worries completely, you won’t have to worry if your family will be safe while they explore the island and you definitely will not have to worry about your big day.
  • Fiji. Not all of these destinations are the same, they all have beautiful sunny beaches, but in some way Fiji is different. Fiji is unique, it’s another one of those places that are off of the average person’s radar. When you see a picture of Fiji, you see bungalows over beautiful, clear blue water. It’s serene, peaceful, fun with just enough privacy for your romantic tryst. The best time to travel to Fiji is May through mid-October, after that be ready for the rainy season. Who doesn’t love tropical rain?

I hope this gets you ready to walk down the beautiful white sand aisle, barefoot in your gorgeous boho gown while the ocean air blows through your beachy wave curls. You have more than enough options, and you now know that anyone can have their wedding dreams come true. The only thing you will have to worry about now is the guest list and who will celebrate on the beach with you. If you do have your wedding at one of these destinations, please let me know, I would love to see pictures. I am a sucker for a wedding photo. So congratulations newly engaged couples and congratulations newlyweds, I hope your marriages are long and full of joy.


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