All About Sandals and Beaches Resorts

In the last post, (Top 6 Places for Destination Weddings), I discussed Sandals’ awesome wedding deal. I then thought to myself, why not talk about Sandals and Beaches origination story. I love the fact that Sandals has so many different things in one place. When you book your trip with Sandals, the planning is all out of your hands. What will the kids do? Will we be able to have fun with the kids travel with us? How much extra will it cost to have fun? How much will food cost when we get there? These questions are easily answered by saying two words, All-Inclusive. Butch had an idea and he made it into money and even made a place where everyone can feel like royalty. Here’s the story behind Sandals Resorts. Oh yeah, I’ll even give you a link to an amazing deal with Sandals.

Sandals South Coast

In 1981, Gordon “Butch” Stewart opens Sandals Montego Bay, now the flagship resort. This was not an easy feat, the buildings he bought weren’t in the shape he wanted them to be in, which meant he had to put more capital into the property. Butch continued to add more luxuries than his other competitors did to their hotels. Butch states that Sandals Montego Bay was the first hotel in the Caribbean to have blow dryers, he saw the handheld hair dryers when he was staying at a hotel in Italy. Butch’s high expectations lost him a lot of money the first two years, but those high expectations kept him afloat. Keeping a glass half full state of mind helped make his business a success.

Gordon “Butch” Stewart

As I explained to you before, Sandals is for a more romantic, adult feel and Beaches is more suitable for families. Butch explains that the idea for Beaches was fairly easy, clients would tell him they loved to come to Sandals, but they would love to bring their kids. As a result, 16 years after his first resort, he started Beaches. Thank his son for all of the fun activities, he made his son the chairman of the youth committee to make sure the younger guests would never have an excuse to say that they are bored.

Beaches Negril

The sweetest part of Butch’s story is the construction of his Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Resort is close to where is grew up, but the sweetest part is the fact that he can pinpoint exactly where his grandmother’s house used to be by placing a piano bar in it’s place. He started with 100 rooms at Sandals Montego Bay and now the resort has doubled even tripled that size. Butch saw a way to make money in his hometown, but not only that he found a way to give back to his community with the Sandals Foundation. For more than 30 years, Sandals International Resorts has been giving back to the community.

Sandals Grande Riviera Beach and Villa Resort

Sandals Foundation was started March 2009 to be the helm for all of Sandals charitable work. Sandals Foundation makes an all encompassing contribution to the community by putting more money into education for children and adults, making sure the community has what it needs, and keep the environment at it’s best. If you would like to know how to get involved just press the link: Sandals Foundation.

Now for something a bit more special for my readers. Below I have a link for a deal with Sandals where you can receive up to $555 in airfare credit for your next vacation to the Bahamas, plus you can save up to 65% off, PLUS you get $175 in spa credit. Look how much money I saved you! Sandals is already inexpensive, even with the all-inclusive benefits, now you get extra savings. You are welcome! If you go to Sandals, please let me know your feedback and send me pictures!

Up to $555 Airfare Credit for your Vacation to the Bahamas + up to 65% off and $175 spa credit

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