It’s Been Hard…

I have been gone for a while now, it’s been a hard time for me. I thought it made sense for me to step aside for a moment from my blog. I love to write, and writing has always made me feel calm and relaxed, but I wasn’t feeling this way about my travel blog. I would read other bloggers articles about how they were making a steady income with their blogs; I didn’t understand. How are all of these people flying around the world and making money while doing it? As a person with little to no money, I have to plan my trips out almost a year in advance. I just wanted to show people they could travel the world and immerse themselves in different cultures. How was I supposed to tell people they could travel when I couldn’t even afford to get a train to Chicago?

I had to rethink what my blog was all about and understand who I am. My blog is about teaching people about travel and how they can make their experiences more pleasing. If I make money, I’ll be really happy, but if I don’t, I’ll be ok. Nevertheless, I still want to make myself happy. As a result, I am planning my next trip to Amsterdam. Yes, as I said before, I am planning my trip for May 2021, I am broke and I will find a way to see the world, even if it takes a while. I am speaking with a new travel agent that I am happy to say is MY travel agent. My travel designer is Brad Martin, he is the CEO of Anywhere Anytime Journeys.

When I looked over Brad’s credentials, I realized he was perfect for me! He listened to all of my ideas and interests and he didn’t try to talk me out of what I wanted to do. I explained to him that I wasn’t a tour type of person and that I love good food and an amazing atmosphere. I was happy to hear that when I am on my trip, if something were to happen after hours, Brad and Eric, the Director of Business Operations, have an after-hours emergency number I can call. The other great benefit of working with Anywhere Anytime Journeys, you can use an application while you are working with them. If you would like to get some more information about Brad, please visit: Oh yeah, I do love the fact that they have an online bookcase of travel magazines and brochures, no one wants to clutter their home with travel brochures, especially outdated ones. I don’t have a sponsorship with them, I just love helping out small businesses.

I can’t wait to keep you all up-to-date on my process Amsterdam 2021 process, I will even tell you what my balance is on my trip each month. If you have any questions about my trip plans, please let me know.

I am happy to be back!

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