Bali Girls Trip 2021

So I thought I should tell you about my ideas for my little girls trip I’m planning for me and my girls. I thought it could help any traveler who has wanted to get a group trip together. Let me start by explaining why I wanted to have a girls trip.

Okay, I was looking at Instagram and saw these posts with a cute group of girls posing in the ocean in their bikinis with grins from ear to ear. All I could think was, that looks fun! No, I didn’t think, I wish I looked like them, my curves are better than there’s. Sorry not sorry! Then I had to think to myself, “Do I have any cool female friends who love to travel?” I kept thinking that none of my best friends would join me, but wait, I have two acquaintances I have known for years. Yes, I said acquaintances! I love making new friends and we are very likeminded young women, we love to see new places. So I hit one of the girls up and said, “Hey, do you want to do a girls trip one day?” She replied, “Uh yeah! Where would we go? Iceland is nice.” Then a lightbulb went off, BALI! I have been wanting to see Asia, but I didn’t know where. Bali looks like the perfect place for us. When I said Bali, she was so IN. After I asked her, I asked my other acquaintance and she was like, “Uh yeah, Bali sounds awesome!”

I chose these two women because I know when they want to travel, they travel. All I have to do is plan it and pay for my side. Guess what, we are planning it way in advance, so if we said “Nah, let’s not go to Bali, let’s go to Seoul.” Then we still have time to plan a Seoul Girls Trip (play on words because we are black, lol).

I thought I should share this with you, because I keep hearing that people always want someone to travel with, but all of their friend’s flake at the last minute. Guess what, don’t invite your flaky friends! Think about those Facebook and Instagram friends you keep speaking to every single day. Those random people you message about their kid’s birthday, YOU KNOW THEIR KID’S BIRTHDAY! Think about that work friend you love gossiping with, the one who sits with you for lunch, bring up the topic of a trip. Tell them about the trip you were thinking about doing.

I love to travel, I love traveling solo, but sometime you just want someone to share the experience with. This idea can help you find a new travel buddy, even new friends. When was the last time you made a new TRUE friend? I made one two years ago, I’m just a naturally friendly person. Now, think to yourself and plan your next group trip with a new potential friend. Heck, hit me up and let me know if you are a lady who wants to come on the Bali trip and I will add you to the messages. Love you guys, see you around!


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