Best Guys Trip Destinations

I promised you that I would make you a boys trip list! A lot of people like the girls trip list, I hope you like the guys trip one, too. I will try and keep the destinations more fun and less raunchy. I know when guys get together, sometimes, the fun can get a bit more adult. The same can go for the ladies, too, but we hear more stories about boys naughty little deeds. Nevertheless, I will give you a list that I know will hold lots of fun for you and your guys.

Dublin, Ireland

What I said about Dublin for the girls trips goes for the guys, as well. Dublin holds so much that will keep you going until your return flight home. I wouldn’t be surprised if you only see your hotel room for only a few minutes. The people are so friendly and you may even make a new friend who can show you the best pubs, the ones tourists don’t usually know of.

Ibiza, Spain

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of Ibiza. Ibiza is a place to relax on the beach during the day and get ready to party all night. Never mind what I said about seeing your hotel in Dublin, I’m pretty sure your hotel room in Ibiza will only be used to house your clothing during your stay.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas is a complete DUH! If you are a young single guy or a more mature guy and you haven’t taken a trip with your friends to Vegas, please go. Leave the ladies at home guys, Las Vegas is for fun! They call New York the city that never sleeps, but that name should go to Las Vegas. I know people who only have a room just so they can party in it, the rest of their time they are on the Strip, at the casino, at a show, or at another seedier establishment.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is becoming more known for its nightlife than the religious history, even though there is a lot of that too if you are looking for it. Some of the clubs won’t open until midnight, be ready for some late night fun.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Be honest, how many people ready this and said ‘Nawlins’, don’t do that when you get there, they hear it enough. NOLA is a city like no other, there’s so much to eat and experience. Check out the vampires, voodoo areas (if you dare), commission a parade for you and your friends (yes, you can have your own parade with a band and everything). NOLA has so much to offer you that you will never get bored. Please do not offer a woman beads to lift her tops please.

Budapest, Hungary

My single guy friend is currently in Budapest and he is loving it. The food is amazing and I really think you should add a ruin pub to your list of places to see.

Bangkok, Thailand

I know Bangkok is one of those places that’s on the guy trip list, but there’s a reason why. Bangkok is inexpensive and so much fun. Bangkok offers you that fun you dream of that you don’t do at home. Nightclubs are fun and there are enough ‘gentleman clubs’ around for you and your friends to have fun at. Bangkok is that place you and your friends will have fond funny memories about for the rest of your lives. My next destination is another place that has that same type of fun.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam’s Redlight District holds some of the most fun places you and your friends could ever imagine. No pictures in the Redlight District, be courteous to the ladies. The Redlight District is the place where the nightlife prospers in Amsterdam. No really, if you are staying more in the art district, at about 10pm you won’t hear anyone anymore. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the coffeehouses. If you are looking for marijuana, Amsterdam is 420 friendly, but don’t smoke while walking down the street. Keep your weed smoking in the coffeehouse or if your AirBnb or hotel room is 420 friendly, smoke it there. I should tell you about this really nice cigar place, they have great expensive cigars and even inexpensive variety packs it’s called Cigaragua. The customer service was so nice and they answered all of my questions, I bought a box of cigars for my co-worker and it was easy to pack in my checked bag. Sorry, I really love Amsterdam, my dream is to buy a home in Amsterdam one day (I’ll talk about that in another post).

I hope this list give you a little help on figuring out what you want to do for your bachelor party, birthday trip or even just a fun guys trip. And please if you go to any of these places, send me a picture, I would love to see it. Also, if you have another place I should put on the list, let me know.

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