Bali Travel Info (Bali Girls Trip Series)

Okay, so if you have been reading my posts so far, you know that I get excited about travel and I can’t wait to plan my trips. As a result, for my 2021 girls trip to Bali, I am already planning it. My girls are already tired of me. So let me give you a bit of information about what we are looking at.

Areas in Bali to Stay (there are more than this, these are the ones we like)

Ubud (My top pick, but it’s pretty far from the airport)

Ubud boasts the most spiritual and relaxing stay in Bali. If the rice fields and mountains don’t take your breath away, then the temples will. I really want to continually feel that magical feeling everyone keeps talking about. No, I don’t want to feed the monkeys, I’m cool. But I want to wake up in a hotel that highlights the beauty of the area I’m in. I don’t want to be in a hotel that looks like I’m staying in Jamaica when I know I’m in Indonesia. You know what I mean, the modern designed hotels with the crazy colors and the party vibe. This is why Ubud is at the top of my list, most of the hotels we want to stay in with that type of environment are in Ubud. However, we have a problem with the distance from the airport, but most of the hotels near the airport are a bit more popular for partying.

Seminyak (Our second choice)

Seminyak is the area with boutiques and a beautiful beach, it is home to many of Bali’s expats. I think the area is pretty much centralized in the spot where we can be in the middle of everything. However, as I said before, I’m not looking for a hotel that looks cookie cutter. I want to sleep in a room that continues my Bali experience, I don’t want to only experience Bali when I walk out of the hotel. Nevertheless, if I’m wrong, PLEASE give me some guidance.

Kuta (Not the Scene I’m Looking For)

Kuta is the most popular area in Bali for tourists looking to have FUN. Kuta is where you party, you drink, and news reports are continuous with many tourists being very naughty on their trips. I’m not into this. However, I’m not against my girls and I walking through to people watch.

I wanted to give everyone an update on what my girls and I are doing when planning our girls trip. Please, if you have been to Bali recently or not so recently, give me any tips you have. I have so many questions! See you guys soon, love ya!

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