How to Travel More Often

I get a lot of people asking me how they can travel more and I thought I should tell you what I tell them. What is the perfect amount of time to travel? Some say a week so they can take in everything the destination has to offer. Other say five days is a perfect amount of time. I think differently, because I think you should be able to travel more than once a year. One trip is nice, but you are going to want to get away again. Think about coming back to your job, sitting back in your cubicle after partying in South Beach and hearing your gossiping co-workers (not all of them, just the annoying co-workers). You’ll look at the little souvenirs you got yourself to remind you of your awesome trip and think, “Maybe next year.”

No, we are going to make sure you go on another trip this year. Yes, a weeklong trip in paradise is nice and refreshing, but it is also a bit too much of paradise. In my opinion, to travel more, you should take a 2-3 night vacation. It lets you take in the sights, relax and enjoy your stay. This also gives you an insight on the destination just in case you want to come back with friends or have a longer stay. I find this to be a great method for people traveling on a budget. A weeklong trip can cost so much and saving up for it can be pain. Whereas a 2-3 night vacation can be paid for with a paycheck or small payments that can be paid off quicker.

Let me give you another example:

You take a 2 night vacation in February to Cancun and you have the best time of your life. Then you think about maybe seeing Banff for a weekend in September, but first we are going to Peru for 3 nights. This is all doable, these three trips all together could be the equivalent of a weeklong European vacation.

This isn’t to sell anything, I just really wanted to tell more people about this. If you do this already, tell people about it. If you don’t, incorporate it into your travel more. Don’t break the bank to see the world.

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