How to Survive a Long Flight Like a Pro

If you are not like me, a person who loves everything about travel, even the things everyone else hates. Then you are someone who is worrying about that long flight to Australia from Chicago. I will give you the advice I like to use, take things like a ray of sunshine on your flight. Here a list:

  1. Go to the Duty Free Shop and Get a Few Snacks: They are not only for what you are thinking, I will explain in a few numbers down. Also, if you haven’t already, buy Lysol wipe or Wet Ones.
  2. Download your Favorite Podcasts, a Movie, a Book, and Make a Music Playlist Before you Board: I know some flights offer free Wifi, but sometimes the Wifi is trash. Do all of this before you get on the plane. Flights even offer free movies and TV, but they may not have the movies or TV shows you like. Take my advice and don’t get stuck waiting for that podcast to download for the entire flight.
  3. AIRPORT ETIQUETTE ALERT: Leave Seats Open that are NOT Being Used for Butts: I shouldn’t have to say this, but it keeps happening. Your feet do not need a seat. Your purse does not need a seat. Your bags do not need to be in front of seats! DO NOT CROWD THE GATE: If your section has not been called, then why are you standing? You are delaying the flight by crowding the gate, we are all going to the same place. (I will stop my rant and put it in another post, sorry)
  4. Sanitize your Area: It doesn’t matter if you are in First Class or Business Class, take a page from Naomi Campbell’s book, wipe down your area. The cleaning crew for the airport try their hardest to clean the plane, but they only have so long until the next flight. So help them out and clean your area before and AFTER the flight. If you want to be really nice, share with your seat-mates.
  5. Be Cordial to your Seat-Mates and your Flight Attendants: This is where those snacks come in handy! The plane has already lifted off and you are comfy with your cup of ginger ale (that’s my in flight drink of choice) and you see your seat-mate(s) quietly sitting there. I really recommend this if you are of the same sex, I loved talking with this group of girlfriends on their way to Dublin. Ask them if they would like a cookie or what their plans are when they get there. If you have an earphone splitter on your phone you can watch a funny movie together on your phone. Just an idea, it’s something that keeps your mind off of the super long flight. During this time also drink lost of water, because it is really dry on airplanes. Being nice to your flight attendants can go a long way. You being nice means that you could get bumped up to first class, so be nice and don’t forget a sharable gifts for your flight attendants, something like a box of chocolates or a gift card.
  6. Try and Get Some Sleep: I can’t sleep on planes, but I also don’t want to sleep all day when I get to my destination, which I had to do once. I am someone who does not like to inconvenience people so I don’t recline my plane seat. I also don’t trust people so I don’t close my eyes in public places. This is the only time I would recommend speaking with your general practitioner to see if you can take a sleeping medication with you for your long flight. This is only if you have a hard time falling asleep on planes.
  7. Get a First Class Seat: This should have been at the top of the list, but it isn’t.

This is your quick survival guide to long haul flights. Tell me any of your trick for flying on long flights.

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