Live Where You Travel

This title is weird, but it will make sense when I explain my obsession. I have been getting into #vanlife and #trucklife a lot lately. I have always loved RV living, but I have always found it so cookie cutter. However, seeing all of these people making a home from something we use every day to get back and forth. Why am I talking about this on a travel blog? Van life means that you can go where you want whenever you want. Instead of buy a home or renting an apartment, buy a van or a truck use your money to make it into a comfortable home. No, really! I have seen school buses turned into a beautiful, movable one bedroom apartments. I have even seen a family of 4 living comfortably in a school bus with a washer inside of it. I will list those to this post so you can see them, too.

This isn’t hard to do, nor is it super easy. Buying a truck or van is the easy part, I recommend a truck, because it’s just a blank and empty space for you to change to your liking. A truck may be a little harder because of all of the components inside of it. The truck I think you should look at is a box truck, it’s not too big and it’s not too small.

Oh yeah, this is for the professionals who want to take their business on the road. I didn’t want to share my cool idea, but I thought I should for other bloggers. You can make a moving office! A solar panel on top of the van or truck and a cozy bed that you don’t have to pay for. Travel and have the open road at your feet. If you have a business that will allow you to be on the road and open up opportunities to be in a different market.

I just really want more people to live in vans and trucks. Don’t be surprised if I start taking pictures of my SheTruck (like a She Shed, which I also want lol).

All righty, sorry for the rant! Love you guys!

Here are the videos I think that will give you so much Van Life Inspo (Tell them Raven sent you):

Ultimate DIY Budget Stealth Box Truck Conversion – $1,500 Purchase Price

Spectacular Tour Of Tiny House School Bus RV Conversion Camper

Epic Off-The-Grid School Bus Conversion

She Converted a Shuttle Bus into an Adorable Tiny Home

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